Beginner Climbers

First-Time Climbers

If you have never climbed before or your experience is very limited and you fancy giving climbing a go, we recommend one of our package climbs. These are inexpensive and are a great way to get started.

Our package climbs are up to an hour session and allow you to get a taster of the different sections of the Climbing Centre. You will be with an instructor and you have five package choices comprising of:

- 1 Person : 1 Instructor for half an hour £12

- 1 Person : 1 Instructor for an hour £24

- 2 People : 1 Instructor for an hour £12 Each

- 3 People : 1 Instructor for an hour £11 Each

- 4 People : 1 Instructor for an hour £10 Each

These sessions must be booked in advance by contacting us.

Check out our contact page to get in touch.

Non-Climbers Wanting to Become Climbers

If you have had a go at climbing before but don't really know how to do it safely on your own, you must complete one of our Induction Courses before you will be allowed to climb unattended.

There are two types of induction you are able to do which are:

- Full Induction

- Half Induction

The full induction is aimed at those wishing to learn how to use the roped climbing section as well as some bouldering technique. This will allow you to climb in our Newton Aycliffe Centre as well as other climbing walls around the country.

The Half Induction only allows you to use the bouldering section which is without ropes. This is perfect for those who wish to use the facility either on their own or just to get fitter.

More information about these courses can be found Here


For beginner Juniors, we recommend either the package sessions as shown above or our ever popular Junior Clubs. These do not require any experience and are with other children of similar ages/ability.

Click Here to find out more about our Junior Clubs