Middlesbrough Induction Courses

Full Induction

This course is aimed at those wishing to use our roped areas and bouldering areas. This applies to Rock Antics Middlesbrough & Newton Aycliffe (A member of staff may ask you to demonstrate your understanding of skills at the other centre)

This is a 2 hour course, with a Rock Antics Instructor for ages 18+ in which you will be taught all the skills required to climb and belay safely in an indoor climbing wall as well as some bouldering techniques and safety etiquette in the bouldering sections.

We run on a maximum group ratio of 4 : 1


Wall Picture

What do I Learn?

We will teach you how to:

  • Belay using various devices
  • Tie the figure 8 knot
  • Use a ground anchor
  • Fit a harness correctly
  • Perform Some Climbing Techniques
  • Use the grading system (Bouldering & Roped Areas)
  • Demonstrate correct bouldering etiquette
  • Demonstrate safe practices on the boulder wall
  • Fall and land safely

The course includes all equipment hire, the registration fee, and you will receive a registration card at the end of the session. Which saves you at least £6!


When Can I Do It?

You can book inductions throughout the week and weekends as long as we have available instructors.


Just give us a call and let us know when you'd like to do it and we can can go from there.


At least 48 hours notice is recommended to avoid dissapointment!


Ok, Sounds great but how much will it cost?

  • £40.00 per person and that's it!



Half Induction

This course is aimed at those wishing to only use the bouldering section and only applies to Rock Antics Middlesbrough.


This is a 1 hour course in which you will be taught some bouldering techniques, safety in the bouldering area and general etiquette in the bouldering area. You will be with an instructor for the whole hour learning as you boulder.

Available to anyone over the age of 13.

We run on a maximum group ratio of 6 : 1


Bouldering Wall

What Will I Learn?
We will teach you:

  • Bouldering etiquette,
  • Safe practices on the bouldering wall,
  • General climbing techniques,
  • Grading of the boulder wall
  • How to fall and land
When can I do it?

The half induction can be booked at any time throughout the week or weekend with at least 48 hours notice to avoid dissapointment


Ok, Sounds Great but How Much Will it Cost?

  • £20.00 per person and that's it!



- If a member of staff feels that you are not up to a safe standard at the end of your session, they reserve the right to not issue you with a membership. Another session may have to be attended to get you up to a safe standard.

- Booking is essential (walk-ins are possible but only if an instructor is free and is unlikely).

- If an instructor feels as though you are not taking any part of the course seriously, they reserve the right to end your session early without membership as this could be dangerous behaviour.