Basic Warm Up Exercises

Avoid Injury and Warm Up!

As climbing puts a lot of pressure on our muscles to perform, it can be easy to pull something if it isn't warmed up first. So follow this simple guide to warming up and you will not only avoid injury, you'll more than likely perform better with your climbing.


Getting your body ready to climb can be seen as a three part process;

  1. Warm Up
  2. Stretch
  3. Climb Easily at first


Warm Up - 10 Minutes

Before putting any strain onto muslces, tendons or joints you need to warm your body up a little. This should be gentle exercise which gets your heart rate up and gets the blood pumping around your body. A brisk walk to the climbing wall would do it but if you live far away then a little bit of jogging on the spot, star jumps or some other light exercise would do.


This should last you around 10 minutes or so.



Static stretching allows your tendons and muscles to prepare for exercise but doing this when still cold can have the reverse effect so you must have at least done the first 10 minute warm up.


Try to avoid bouncing type stretches as they can cause injury.


Here are a few links which can help you to put a stretching routine together:


Climb Easily at first

Let your body adjust to climbing by doing easy routes at first (such as the browns at Middlesbrough). This helps your muscle groups to co-ordinate and prepare for the effort needed on harder climbs. It also helps your prepare mentally for the harder climbing.


Good Luck with your climbing!


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